Employment Opportunities

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As a growing internet solutions provider, we are constantly on the lookout for talented and creative individuals who would like to join our organization.  More than 95% of both part time and full time positions within Vexias are remote positions offering the freedom for our employees to work in any environment where a high speed internet connection and telephone are available.

Statistics show that employees who are happy and are working in a positive work environment achieve greater results more quickly as compared to those who are forced to work in environments, that do not suit their needs.

By allowing our employees to work from home, cafe’s, on the road, or where ever a high speed internet connection is available, we offer the freedom and opportunity to work in environments that are more stimulating, more relaxing, more comfortable and most importantly more productive.  This results in higher quality customer service and higher quality project results for our clients.

Interested in working for Vexias Internet Solutions?  If you are proficient in both written and spoken English language (preferably as a first language) and believe you have the skill and mindset that will be of great asset to us, please Contact Us.  Be sure to provide information regarding the programming languages, database structures, web development and design techniques, marketing and search engine optimization techniques, and third party applications you are proficient in.

We would like to thank all candidates, in advance, for their submissions.  While we encourage all qualified candidates to apply, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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